Rufus Thomas & Co.

About Rufus Thomas & co.

Rufus Thomas & Co. Ltd is one of the leading Construction Companies in Nigeria. Since its launch in 1989, it has executed very diverse and major Construction Projects, Repairs and Maintenance services.

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Our values are


    We are 100% devoted to the specific needs of our clients and committed to fufilling it
  • INTEGRITYOur word is our bond. We live up and go beyond our customers’ expectation.
  • PRODUCTIVITY Your building serve a deeper purpose, to provide safety & comfort & foster productivity


  • -Top Quality Executed Projects
  • -Work satisfaction using the best personnel and materials in the execution of projects.
  • -A lasting relationship with our clients.


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Why us

Expertise to Manage Your FACILITY

We deliver 24 hours Service to all our customer and this involves providing high quality services


We care about our customers and we are personally committed to everything we do, especially our people and their safety and development, our customers and their success, and in particular the people and environment in the communities where we live and work.

EXellence Reliability Durability rtc.com.ng

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Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple: Deliver a quality service to our clients that exceeds their expectations.

We accomplish this goal by identifying and systematically focusing on the varied needs of the client and providing tailored solutions. We constantly evaluate changes in the environment in order to take advantage of every opportunity for improvement.

In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we must first understand their needs. Clear communication between our client andRufus Thomas & Co. is crucial to building a strong relationship. By reviewing and managing expectations, The Rufus Thomas & Co. LTD is able to adjust approaches and ensure we meet our client's objectives.

A strong client relationship is what makes us Nigeria’s best provider of facilities management services. We’re ready to start working with you today

We know how to keep every part of your portfolio running smoothly and effectively – from Building Construction/maintenance to landscaping, from Water Treatment to Swimming pool Construction. Our internal teams draw on over 25 years of experience making buildings more productive to operate your facilities safely and reliably, inside and out.

For critical environments, where minor errors cause major disruptions, we’ve developed industry-specific expertise to optimize performance while reducing risk and ensuring compliance. In over 800 critical environments worldwide, our customers rely on our skilled technicians to protect the integrity of their Facility, keep their production lines moving and their Skills undisrupted.

With our global operating model, you can count on our powerful technology and standardized processes to deliver consistent service worldwide without risking local agility.

Accurate, reliable data shows what’s really happening across your portfolio so that you can control every aspect of your operations.

We help you Make timely, informed decisions across borders, Share knowledge and transfer best practices to all your operations,Quickly mobilize the resources you need to keep your business running,Identify and implement new ways to mitigate risk,cut costs and support your core business

On-site, our facilities managers speak your language and understand local regulations and needs. They work with integrity and passion to provide an excellent brand experience for your customers and a place where your people can reach their full potential.

The outcome: reliable, safe and productive environments where your people achieve more and your business thrives.


Facility Management

The company rufus thomas & co specializes in total property management which encompasses maintanance of all facilities therein.

Our various projects involves

*swimming pool creation & maintanance
*Water treatment
*Electrical Installation
*cctv & alarm system
*facility Management
*Storage Tank feul & Water
*Elevator Installation & maintenance

Employees:   12

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