Rufus Thomas and Co. Nigeria Limited.

Since 1998

Who we are

RUFUS THOMAS & CO. LTD is one of the leading total Facility Management Firm in Nigeria. Since its Launch in 1989, it has handled very many Commercial to Private properties. Today the Company encompasses an array State-of-the-Art Equipments on Facility and Projects management execution.

  • Construction and building
  • Maintainance and repairs
  • Leasing and Logistics

We also construct & maintaine Water-Fountians, Swimming pools, Hospitality & Recreational facilities etc.

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

Hard Workers

Vision & Mission

To be role models in our industry and creating value for all of the Stakeholders. Our Passion: We care about, and we are personally committed to everything we do, especially our people and their safety and development, our customers and their success, and in particular the people and environment in the communities where we live and work..

Designs & Presentation

Our engineering designs and presentation come's quote sensitive, we undertand the economic terrain of the country, so we ensure not just beautiful and world class engineering designs, but pocket friendly, creative and affordable to construct.

Verified Services

With a large customer base around Lagos, Abuja, Ogun State, Abia, and other regions around Nigeria, the African contient and Europe. Rufus Thomas is not just a registered engineering firm, but verified as a complete Facility and Project Management Company.

Facility & Project Management Solution

Repair and maintenance has always being more of the challenge in the Nigerian civil engineering space, however at Rufus Thomas, we have been able to build a consistent platform, by ensuring high standards in construction delivery, to ensure models stand the test of time, which ensures quality and affordable maintenance.

Leasing and Maintenance

From heavy equipment leasing, to products and site materials logistics, and organised labour for construction and engineering, we have operated more as a solution for our clients and other customers, making us more than just hardware providers.

Our Goals and Focus

We are commited to providing quality services, to meet customer satisfaction and delight untime, and everytime.

From Drafts and Pre-construction

We provide clients with clear draft plans, designed for their business convenience and profit


Through commitment we have acheived innovation, put out quality cunstruction servcies in multiple locations at the same time.


We only believe in detailed finishing to perfection, provising world class services in civil and water engineering

Delivery and Launching

We are strongly into customer satisfaction and timely delivery


With a client base spanding over 25 years, we have positve testimonials from sevral businesses and multinationals, below are a few.

Avon Crowncaps & Containers

container manufactures

Facility Managers: Since 2020 till date.

Grange Schools


Facility Managers: Since 2018 till date.

purechem manufacturing limited

Industrial Chemicals

Facility Managers: Since 2021 till date.

Kasas Group

Advertising and Media

Facility Managers: Since 2016 till date.


Electronics and Home Appliances

Facility Managers: Since 2013 till date.