Pre-Construction Services

pre-construction set's a good stage for foundation laying and project planning. Rufus Thomas & Co. LTD is a Project and Facility management Professional, utilizing the most up-to-date Techniques in Excavation & Bush Clearing.

Excavation & Bush Clearing

Excavation and Bush clearing are two very important pre-construction requirements, they set a good stage for foundation laying and building planning. Rufus Thomas brings professionalism into this field of project management, with unmatched rivary in Excavation services.

  • Pre-Construction Services.
  • Excavation and Bush clearing.
  • pre-construction requirements, for foundation laying and building planning.

We provide heavy earth moving equipments for excavation and bush clearing, specially designed for fast and quality delivery, to meet standards and customer satisfaction.

Rufus Thomas Nigeria LTD. has been in the business of bush clearing and excacation for over two decade, providing our clients prompt and quality solutions. We pride ourselves as innovative trailblazers’ light years and ahead of our competitors. We look forward to helping you with your projects at a competitive rate, delivering exceptional results at any point in time.