We offer heavy equipment for leasing like, on site generators, scarfolds, tractors, machines and earth moving vehicles. We also aid in logistics and transportation of building materials to and from sites.

Leasing & Logistics

We have a comprehensive list of equipments for both site and projects leasing, we offer advance and modern day hightech equipments, like tractors for bush clearing, bulldozers for demolition and excavation, waterpumps for borehole drilling, scarffolding for building sites, and lots more.

  • Leasing and Logistics for sites & Projects.
  • Logistics and Transportation of building materials.
  • heavy equipments: Generators and Earth moving vehicles.

When it comes to leasing and logistics, we offer clients varriates of options, to meet their specific requirments on site or project related.

We also provide skilled labour for both site and projects related job, we also offer logistics for the movement of labour and construction materials to and from site, at any location around Nigeria. We have vast expirience in leasing and logistics, and we are readly available at your service everytime and ontime.