Home renovation tips

While not every home renovation works in the exact same order, you may want to follow a certain plan to help avoid unnecessary work. For example, you don't want to close walls and paint, only to realize you need to add a new plumbing stack that requires going behind the wall again.

Renovation & Post Construction

Many renovation projects involve multiple steps, here are some common steps to consider. Set a budget, Come up with a final number on how much you can comfortably spend on the renovation, says Rufus Thomas and Co. LTD. Research and select a contractor with whom you feel comfortable e.g "ufus Thomas and Co. LTD." Permits are typically required in many municipalities, and can be critical to avoid certain issues that could impact your project.

  • Set a budget.
  • Hire a contractor.
  • Secure permits and order materials

Once you have the permits sorted out, you may also want to start ordering the necessary materials like lumber, drywall, new windows and doors, etc. Generally, this is the time for critical work behind walls, below floors, and above ceilings — plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning rough-ins, subfloors and insulation. Some contractors may want to finish flooring first, while others prefer to prime and paint before working on the floor (to help prevent spills from getting on new flooring).

It's time to add those last details and decorations — final painting, backsplashes, floor sealing, light fixtures, hardware and any other touch-ups.