Rufus Thomas & Co. Ltd.

Facility & Project Managers: Located in Sango Otta Ogun state Nigeria.

Rufus Thomas & Co. LTD is a Project and Facility management Professionals, utilizing the most up-to-date Techniques in Project execution and Facility management. We pride ourselves as innovative trailblazers’ light years and ahead of our competitors. We look forward to helping you with your projects at a competitive rate, delivering exceptional results at any point in time..

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Let us be at your service, get quoatations for - Landscaping - waterproofing - Sewage - Leakage\repairs - Building Demolation - Bush clearing. Also available are quoats for water fountians, roofing materials, building materials, plots of Land around Nigeria etc.

Facility Management Services

We are experts in diverse Project management and our services include’s Total Facility management services. Water engineering (Landscaping, Sewage and Drainage solutions, Swimming pool construction, plumbing etc.) Roofing / Repairs, House Demolision, Window cleaning, Bush clearing etc.

Sewage Construction and Drainage Channels.

Complete drainage and sewage construction for estates and personal properties, we are also open to repairs of sewage and drainage channels, management and maintenance solutions.

Demolition Services

We offer proffessionalism in the area of "Demolition services" using modern day techniques and standards to ensure safety standards and customer satisfaction.

Bush clearing

With state of the art tractors and heavy earth equipments, we make bush clearing quick, fast and easy, to the delightful taste of our clients.

Excavation and Pre-Construction

We come equipt with heavy earth moving vehicles and tractors, manned by some of the industries most competent professionals, to ensure quality and timely delivery, ontime, everytime.

Maintenance Services

As Facility & Project managers, we offer services like heavy equipment leasing, warehouse maintenance, renovation etc. Below are a list general overview of our services.

Roof Repair & Waterproofing

Either it is roofing, waterproofing, painting, renovation or general maintenance, we've got you covered.

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Sewage & Drainage Managment

Our services ranges from drainage construction channel, Sewage construction and maintenance, plumbing, & general water engineering.

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Landscaping & maping

We construct recrational packs, complete landscaping, resort location, with natural turfs, flowers and threes beautification.

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Leasing & Logistics

We offer heavy equipment for leasing like, on site generators, scarfolds, tractors, machines and earth moving vehicles. We also aid in logistics and transportation of building materials to and from sites

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Swimming Pool

We construct swimming pools for homes, hospitality management facilites and resorts etc. We also offer maintenance services like water treatment, and rehabilatation of dilapitated swimming pools.

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Water Fountain

Water Engineering is not just about skills, but also requires art and passion, at Rufus Thomas, we have a unique passion for water engineering, especially in the aspect of Water Fountains.

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To be role models in our industry and creating value for all of the Stakeholders. Our Mission is To provide quality Engineering services, to full custormer satisfaction and sepecification, ontime and everytime.


We care about and we are personally committed to everything we do, especially our people and their safety and development, our customers and their success, and in particular the people and environment in the communities where we live and work.

Verified Services

With a large customer base around Lagos, Abuja, Ogun State, Abia, and other regions around Nigeria, the African contient and Europe. Rufus Thomas is not just a registered engineering firm, but verified for unique, dynamic and state of the art civil and water engineering services.

Engineering Solution

Repair and maintenance has always being more of the challenge in the Nigerian civil engineering space, however at Rufus Thomas, we have been able to build a consistent platform, by ensuring high standards in construction delivery, to ensure models stand the test of time, which ensures cheap and affordable maintenance.

Leasing and Maintenance

From heavy equipment leasing, to products and site materials logistics, and organised labour for construction and engineering, we have operated more as a solution for our clients and other customers, making us more than just hardware providers.

Eyes for details

Its not very easy to maintain global industrial standards, with a tight budget, thats where creativity comes to play.

  • Either its a luxury project, or business project, we proffer our services as a solution
  • The aim of this is to provide the neccessary value and expectaion for the client.
  • Because once the client gets the expected value, the entire budget will be immediately recorgnised as an investment, not just a business expenditure.

God in the Details

When it comes to civil enegineering quality, other than the use of quality materials and skilled labour, finishing details is what defines perfection.

  • Detailed designs must come first.
  • A quality team setup comes next.
  • A well documented budget.
  • Finaly planned and constructive exection, with stipulated duration to each process and rolls.

Discipline is an Art

  • Only through dscipline can one organise Labour.
  • We maintain discipline from Management to field staffs.
  • We beleive only through discipline, can one visualize the opportunity to be creative.

We have put Discipline into our craft, and we have achieved a world class ogranisation, in the form of a civil and water engineering company.

How we acheived Innovation

Through commitment we have acheived innovation, by building consistent relationships with our clients, with the commitment to deliver always ontime, everytime.

  • We have invested in young and old proffessionals.
  • We have commited ourselves to only dealing with the best, when it comes to employing labour.
  • We understand the fundaments behind talent and we go for it, but there's no substitution for hardwork and learning, which is the foundation of skilled labour.

Our Projects

Below are 100% original Jobs buy Rufus Thomas in the last 365 days, based on the topics, here we explain our idea, when it comes to detailed delivery from the scratch in pictures.

  • All
  • Remodeling
  • Construction
  • Repairs
  • Designs

Remodeling 1

Pool remodeling and rehabilitataion

Construction 1

Drainage construction

Repairs 1

Warehouse repair and maintenance

Design 1

Designed proposal for fountain

Remodeling 2

Remodeled and rehabilitated pool

Construction 2

Roof Construction

Repairs 2

Warehouse design and construction from scratch, on going project.

Design 2

Approved fountain proposal

Remodeling 3

Stone fountain construction, ongoing project

Construction 3

Indoor fountain construction, ongoing project

Repairs 3

3D wallpaper painting, ongoing project

Design 3

Ongoing warhouse design and contruction


With a client base spanding over 25 years, we have positve testimonials from sevral businesses and multinationals, below are a few.

Avon Crowncaps & Containers

container manufactures

Facility Managers: Since 2020 till date.

Grange Schools


Facility Managers: Since 2018 till date.

purechem manufacturing limited

Industrial Chemicals

Facility Managers: Since 2021 till date.

Kasas Group

Advertising and Media

Facility Managers: Since 2016 till date.


Electronics and Home Appliances

Facility Managers: Since 2013 till date.

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