Rufus Thomas & Co. LTD. offers proffessionalism in the area of "Demolition services" using modern day techniques, heavy earth moving vehicles, to ensure safety standards and customer satisfaction.

Building Demolition

We are well informed with international and Industry standards, when it comes to building demolitions. We make use a varity of a bulldozers and heavy moving earth equipments based on the neccessary demolition requirements and standards.

  • Safety first.
  • The right equipments to ensure standards.
  • Timely delivery always

Safety can not be compromised when it comes to building demolition, at Rufus Thomas & Co. LTD. we maintain high industry standards when it comes to building and pre constuction demolition.

RUFUS THOMAS is Skilled, experienced and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology services in the field of Building demolition. Each job is meticulously planned, managed and executed, meeting the highest health and safety industry standards.