Sewage solution and Drainage services

As a service providers with many years of experience in Facility management: RUFUS THOMAS is Skilled, experienced and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, to deliver your needs, in the aspect of Sewage solution and Drainage services.

Sewage & Drainage Managment Services

We are experts in diverse Project management and our services include’s Total Facility Management, so expect only the best, when it comes to Sewage & Drainage management services and solutions. From construction to maintenance of sewage and drainage channels, either its for a home, hospitality/educational facility or estate community, Rufus Thomas is highly equipped to deliver on all sewage and drainage related matters.

  • Sewage & Drainage services.
  • Sewage & Drainge channels construction
  • Maintenance, Management & solution

We’re innovative and well equipped to deliver your needs in any or all the aforementioned services satisfactorily and beyond your expectation. Free Quote available: 08037046367

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